Solo Time Music Games Concepts and Levels

Many teachers have been asking for a list of which concepts are used in each game so here goes in alphbetical order.

Bee-Fore, Bee-After and Bee in the MiddleMusical alphabet review for all beginning levels of music students learning about music.
(SS1, SS2, SB1, SB2, MB1)

Burger Intervals - Flashcards include major, minor and perfect intervals. (MB3)

Catching Critters - Sunshine 1,2 and Sunbeam 1- Review to be used through out the year

Critters go to Camp- Notes on Staff (treble and bass clef) and review of Piano keys, some flashcards have the musical alphabet review for early Sunshine and Sunbeam levels.

Don't put your Apples all in one basket! Enharmonic note review (SB3, MB2, MB3)

Dotted Quarter Note - quarter, eighth, 2-eighth notes and dotted quarter notes are used in this game as students travel around the gameboard building 2 measures of 4/4 time.

Football Frenzy- Note review in treble and bass clef, including ledger lines for all students involved in music.

Goin' Nuts - Review of rhythm and placement of times signatures on the correct spot on the gameboard.  (SB2, SB3, MB1, MB2)

Great Big Whole Note- ages 3 and up, whole, half and quarter notes are used in this game to help students build 2 measures of 4/4 time.

Half Note -
ages 4 and up, half, quarter and the introduction of eighth notes are used in this game to help students build 2 measure of 4/4 time.

Monster Patterns - Music is made of patterns - Stepping Up, Stepping Down, Stepping Up So High, Stepping Down So Low, Jump Up High, Jump Down Low.
(SS1, SS2, SB1, SB2, SB3, MB1, MB2)

Noah Needs Your Help- Simple Rhythms with simple Time Signatures for the young musician, (SS1, SS2, SB1, MB1)

Out of Space and Lines - Introduction to Intervals  - (SB3, MB2)

Primary Players - Recognition of 1, IV and V7 chords.

Pyramid Triads - Root position, First inversion and Second inverson are introduced in this game for music students learning their triads (SB3, MB3)

Rainbow Connection - Term Review (dynamics, tempos)  for SB2, MB1

Rest Placement Games
        1) Weak and Strong Beats - Determine which rest is missing from a measure
Strike Out! - More difficult time Signatures and introduction of 16th rest and dotted note values.
Give it a Rest! - 3 Levels of varying difficulty, students place one or more rests in a measure.
Give it a Rest! - Level 1 - whole, half, quarter and eighth rest
Give it a Rest! - Level 2 - whole, half, quarter, eighth and 16th rests
Give it a Rest! - Level 3 -half, quarter, eighth, 16th and triplets are introduced.

Rhythm Sports - Group rhythm game and Time signature review (SS1,SS2, SS3, SB1, SB2. SB3, MB1, MB2) by far the most exciting game for end of the year fun!  Check it out on YouTube.

Shoot for the Stars - Chromatic, Diatonic and Enharmonic review. (SB3, MB2, MB3)

Splash Cats - note and piano key review (SS1, SS2, SB1, SB2, MB1)

6/8 time - Students travel around the gameboard building 2 measures of 6/8 time.

Three's A Triad - Which note is missing from Root position. (SB2, SB3, MB2)

Whats that Dot! - Students determine the dotted value of a variety of notes.(MB3)